Welcome to Candy Trinh blog.

This blog is created to documented my journey of growing to be a better /happier person.

Blog posts can be my personal development, my thought, my hobby, , my adventures, my inspiration or whatever topics that interests me at the time.


Few pictures of me ^ ^

I love staying connected with friends and contribute to something. So if I come across anything interesting I may share it on my blog and hopefully getting supported from viewers. It can be images I like on net ,some interesting videos or a good recipe to cook.

I may even try recording some videos or audios myself  and share them here.

Life has so much to offer and I hope my journey can be an inspiration for you at some point. If you like anything I post please leave a comment or share it around, I would love any feedback from you.

All the best!

Relax, Let go, Focus on what we desire!

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